Paris Hilton smokes Marijuana

Paris Hilton Wallpapers 1

Paris Hilton smokes Marijuana

So did she or did she not smoke weed? It’s not as if she’s a role model to teens and kids around the world! She’s never had a Ms. goody-two-shoes kind of reputation so what if she smokes weed?

Apparently, She was spotted by a TMZ employee puffing away while she enjoyed herself at The Pink Elephant club.

According to this unnamed TMZ employee, He was just two tables away from Hilton when she stood on a sofa and started dancing, he claims he saw her holding something in her hands while she turned away from the club’s main room.

She then passed what appeared to be a chunky hand rolled cigarette that was passed back and forth between Hilton and her friend. He said a smell emanating from their table reeked of marijuana.
Paris Hilton smokes Marijuana
Paris Hilton Wallpapers 2


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