Paris Hilton Gossip - Benji lends a musical hand to Paris

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Paris Hilton Gossip - Benji lends a musical hand to Paris
Now this is what we call, lending a musical hand. Yes, Paris Hilton’s musician boy friend Benji is what he’s doing for his lady love these days. We have already read much about Hilton’s soon to be aired MTV reality show ‘My New BFF’ and both Benji and Paris are putting up a lot of effort for its theme song. Apart from helping with the music of the title track, Benji is also working on lyrics, which would later be recorded in Hilton’s voice. Wow, Paris has really stepped into Benji’s shoes so soon. Tracking the musical notes in Hilton’s Beverly Hills mansion, Hilton was reported to be extremely excited about spending almost six complete weeks with 20 contestants under the same roof, only to hunt her new shopping buddy. Also you can catch the more musical side of Hilton later this year, when she hopes to come out with her another album, as a follow-up to her 2006 debut CD Paris. However, for the moment we are keeping our fingers crossed to hear the musical chemistry between the duo.


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