Paris Hilton Moved to a New House

Paris Hilton Wallpapers 1
Paris Hilton Moved to a New House
Popular almsman Paris Hilton feels abundant safer in her new home. The 27-year-old cutie, who afresh confused to an absolute gated association in Beverly Hills, loves the new acreage because it gives her added privacy.

Paris Hilton wrote on her official blog: "As a lot of of you know, I confused abroad from my old - and actual attainable - abode because I was ailing and annoyed of connected aggression of my clandestine life. "I adulation my admirers but I could not leave for a affair or airing my dog after a camera blame central my foreground aperture on to claimed property. I feel so abundant happier and safer in my new home."
Paris Hilton Wallpapers 2
Paris Hilton Moved to a New House


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