What the US media make of Beckham

Less than 48 hours after David Beckham's offical unveiling as an LA Galaxy player, the fuss is already beginning to die down.
David Beckham photo
Beckham turned his back on Europe to try his luck in the US
The column inches are still being devoted to his arrival, but the US sport staples of basketball, baseball and American football are back in their rightful place as the headline news and back-page leads.

And the soccer chat is fast being replaced by talk of Beckham's better-known wife Victoria, aka Posh Spice, not to mention celebrity chums, chat shows, shirt sales and Brand Beckham in general.

The LA Daily News seems to capture the mood of most sports fans: "When it was announced in January that David Beckham would be coming to the United States, the news was greeted across the pond with a collective shrug."

David Beckham the footballer already seems to be something of a sideshow.

Despite an impressive media charm session on Friday, his efforts to bring the beautiful game to the seemingly apathetic American masses is already looking like a battle Beckham cannot win.


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