Vanessa hudgens album
vanessa hudgens album
"Y'all need to get ready to hear the unbelievable, indescribable, Vanessa Hudgens," raps a guest star on Vanessa Anne Hudgen's (High School Musical) newest album, simply titled 'V'. Yet, after Hudgen's catchy R&B inspired single "Come Back To Me" ends I failed to see the unbelievable singer mentioned as the first track began. Hudgen's has musical capability, yet her CD fails to compare to earlier album's released by other Disney acts.

After "Come Back To Me", Vanessa sticks to the R&B vibe and let's loose on "Let Go" - a girls night out song that has a creative big band backtrack. "Say Ok", the album's first ballad, fails to bring any emotion. The guitar heavy girl anthem "Never Underestimate A Girl" comes next - the song is undoubtedly a tweenage spin-off of Destiny's Child's "Independent Woman". A beat driven "Let's Dance" comes next, but the muffled singing and hard guitar beats ruin the song. Hudgen's is at her best on the pop-rock songs "Drive", "Afraid", and "Rather Be With You", which resemble early Hilary Duff material. 'V' ends with "Lose Your Love" - a song reminiscent of Beyonce's singles. Other tracks include "Whatever Will Be", "Promise", and "Psychic".

Although 'V' has its faults, it's a solid effort; and even though Hudgen's has proved she has no problem pulling off any type of music, her next album should stray from dabbling in to many varieties of music as 'V' does.

vanessa hudgens album


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