Jennifer Aniston in GQ

Jennifer Aniston in GQ 1
Jennifer Aniston bares all for GQ
Wearing just a necktie, Jennifer Aniston has bared all for the latest cover of GQ magazine.

Accompanying the January cover is a rather sassy interview of the Friends star, where she addresses rumours about John Mayer.

'I am not having his baby. And I have not popped the question,' People quoted her as saying.

In the interview, the 39-year-old star has even poked fun at her recent swipe at Angelina Jolie.

'The funny thing is, people don't realise we all go away to The Hamptons on the weekends. That'd be hysterical: I've got Zahara on my hip, and Knox...' joked Aniston.

On what she feels for Mayer, 31, she said: 'Honestly, did not know much about him before I met him. I'd heard... you know, uh Your Body -- that song. But what I can say is that I had no idea what an extraordinary musician he is. And it's just great to sit and be witness to that. It's kind of like, Whoa!'

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