Paris Hilton Rumors - Hilton's New Boytoy

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Paris Hilton Rumors - Hilton's New Boytoy
Paris Hilton is aback in the account again! Afterwards letters of her assiduous lesbian acts, now it is time for her to advance that annihilation is amiss in her animal orientation. Yes, Paris is now allegedly dating a new man. He is none added than the Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden. I feel the millionaire auberge almsman was already on the look-out for a new accomplice and begin Benji actually acceptable afterwards his contempo alienation with adherent Sophie Monk. As per media reports, the brace met at Villa bistro in Los Angeles, area the celebrity socialite was partying harder with friends.

Well, our baby Paris craves for macho and changeable absorption with according desperation. An beholder was quoted saying,

When she saw Benji, she alone had eyes for him. She absolved over and gave him a huge kiss. It was over the top and lots of argot was involved!

After that it was absolutely fast. Not fast as per Hollywood standards I guess. Reportedly, Benji

hibernated in a bend berth with Paris and did not leave until 1:15am. The absolute time, she stroked his arm and rubbed his leg as she aside in his ear.

Carry on guys! Going by Paris’s aberrant lifestyle, I am abiding this activity won’t endure long. So Benji, you can accept all the fun you wish as continued as her absorption in you lasts.


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