Paris Hilton's 'My BFF' Released

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Paris Hilton's 'My BFF' Released
I was reported that Paris Hilton is ready to come back to television screens again with another reality endeavor, this time with MTV. The fashion model turned entrepreneur and reality TV star has recently debuted her new series, Paris Hilton’s My BFF on Tuesday, September 30, when she starts looking for a best friend.

The 27-year-old socialite recently told Reuters that she is on the lookout for a real friend, saying, “I am looking for someone I can trust, someone who is friends with me for the right reason. A lot of girls want to be photographed with me. They get so excited when the paparazzi are around and put their arms around me. I don't like friends who try to use friends like that.”

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Along with the debut of her newest reality show comes her new single titled “My BFF,” which also serves as the show’s theme song. The track was co-written by Paris herself and her current boyfriend, Benji Madden of the rock band Good Charlotte. The same track will be found in Paris’ sophomore album, which title and release date is yet to be announced.

“I was really inspired by Kylie Minogue. I wrote every song on the record,” Paris said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM radio show. She adds that her upcoming CD is a “very personal album” and it may deviate from her debut offering.
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Paris Hilton's 'My BFF' Released
“My last album was very hip-hop,” she admitted. “This is completely different.”

Fans are already wondering what type of music Paris will be belting out this time, as some assume that Madden has had a hand in writing the tracks of her new CD.

Meanwhile, the socialite is also planning to release her album on her own independent record label tagged Heiress Records. However, there might be some trouble getting support from Warner Bros., the mother label, as the founder of Heiress has long detached himself from the endeavor.


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