Gia Angelina Jolie shower

Gia Angelina Jolie shower

Gia is undoubtedly the best film of Angelina Jolie. Tracing the tragic life of the real-life model who died in her prime, the film is a fascinating document of the life that this fragile beauty lived.

She lived a heady life that was indeed exhilarating, liberating and tempestuous, yet at the very core of it were the traces of insecurity, confusion and a passionate embracing of doom. Angelina Jolie has given a completely uninhibited, no-holds-barred performance that would endear her to viewers young and old. The strong sexual content alongwith nudity and graphic depiction of sexual acts make it a film fit for mature viewers only. Those who want to see a realistic depiction of the fashion and modelling world of the West need to see the film as a mandatory viewing, but those who would simply love to see the sensuous heroine and want to be engrossed in the mesmerising fairy-tale (her meteoric rise to fame was straight out of story-books though her eventual collapse make us cry bitterly). The film has a documentary like narrative that helps us see the protagonist in a non-eulogising mode, we see her fragility and glare at the warts that accompany her natural angelic beauty.
Gia Angelina Jolie shower
Angelina Jolie as Gia


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