Cristiano Ronaldo Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo Interview - 23/12/07
Ronaldo gets interviewed after the win against the toffees in which he was named man of the match after scoring both goals for Utd.

Cristiano Ronaldo Interview - 07/12/07
Ronaldo talks about the upcoming match with Derby, talks about his form, the team and lots more.

Cristiano Ronaldo Talks About His Book.
Ronaldo holds a press conference to promote his new book "Moments"

Interview after Man U Vs Bolton game. 17/03/07

Scored the winning goal against Fulham 2/24/07

Cristiano Ronaldo MUTV Interview 1/30/07

Cristiano Ronaldo Interview - 21/01/07

Interview in Cristiano Ronaldo's home

Cristiano Ronaldo Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo - Gillette Interview

Cristiano Ronaldo - Cheating Scum


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