Brad Pitt on Oprah: Awkward Silences, Refuses to Talk About His Tattoos

Brad Pitt on Oprah 1
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
A writer from gossip blog The Boots Girls had the privilege of being in the audience during Oprah’s interview with Brad Pitt, which airs on November 18. They say that there were some awkward moments and a question Brad refused to answer about what his tattoos meant. It sounds like the rapport between Pitt and Oprah, who has had Pitt’s ex Jennifer Aniston on her show many times, was strained. Near the end of the interview they seemed to mend fences though. Pitt co-star Cate Blanchett was on stage with toward the second half of the show, and he shared some tidbits about his family life and his children’s quirky behavior.

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Maybe Pitt was a little worn out after all the election excitement and wasn’t that into being on Oprah. Angelina has talked about the origin of Pitt’s new back tattoo. She told a reporter that it was just some lines she doodled there once that he wanted to make permanent. And the tattoo on his forearm is of Oetzi, the ice man. It seems that Angie is the talkative one in that relationship and that Brad wants to keep some things private.


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