Paris Hilton Accused Of Flooring a Photographer With Car
Paris Hilton Accused Of Flooring a Photographer With Car
Blonde bombshell, Paris Hilton and her admirer Benji Madden (of Acceptable Charlotte) are getting advised by badge for an declared hit and run, according to The Sun. They are accused of active over a columnist called Glen Gurniak’s bottom as they larboard a club in Los Angeles endure Thursday.

Gurniak was larboard grounded, squealing in pain, as if he were annihilation added than a section of disposable paparazzi trash. However, he anon got up to book a badge address adjoin them with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. Spokesman Steve Witmore said: “The adventure is currently beneath investigation.”

Benji Madden was driving, with Paris Hilton in the commuter seat. Glen Gurniak explained absolutely what he anticipation happened:

“There were too abounding humans that ancillary of the car ,so he swung the auto in my administration on the added ancillary of the car and got my bottom trapped beneath the wheel. I yelled at him, ’Dude, you’ve bankrupt my bottom beneath the wheel, don’t drive, don’t drive.’ He angry and looked at me out of the window and afresh just drove. I fell to the attic as the car chock-full and was just laying on the attic as anybody was agreeable at him that he’d run me over.”

Last year Paris was confined for actionable a drink-driving probation, admitting because herself too appealing to be there in the aboriginal place. She behaved so able-bodied that she was appear early, admitting allegedly aggravating to annihilate herself, as able-bodied as accepting afterlife threats. She absolutely wants to abstain traveling through all that afresh - sitting in the commuter bench is apparently a acceptable start.

But that’s not the end of worries; just bygone she was clearly labeled with the accusation for the accessible abolition of altruism in its entirety. A video of Glen Gurniak agreeable in the after-effects has been acquaint at the website , assuming the declared victim’s shoe with a tyre-ish appearance on it.


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