Jennifer Aniston is ‘happy being single’

Jennifer aniston photos
Jennifer Aniston, who called it quits with singer John Mayer in August, is happy being single, her friends revealed.

The ‘Along Came Polly’ star has been featured regularly in the entertainment news for her recently speculated link with actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Gerard Butler.

However, despite her string of failed relationships, including her marriage with Brad Pitt, the former ''Friends'' actress is said to be hanging in strong.

Her friends insist that she is actually happier alone, the China Daily reports.

"Jennifer is not just looking amazing, she''s feeling amazing,” a source said.

“She''s very content right now. She would much rather be on her own than trapped in a miserable relationship with someone who is wrong for her.

“Her motto regarding her love life is, ''What will be, will be'' and while she believes in true, everlasting love, she''s not accepting second best,” the source added.

The 39-year-old is also said to be quite optimistic about entering her 40’s next year, and sees it as a totally different milestone in her life.

Her pal added: "Rather than dreading it, she sees it as a thing to celebrate and be proud of, not scared about. "

“Her attitude is that she''s heading for a new, exciting chapter of her life and the fact she''s so positive really shows in how well she looks."


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