Introduction to Lindsay Lohan

Introduction to Lindsay Lohan 1
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Can you believe that outside of a few soap opera fans and lovers of Disney movies, most of the world didn't really know who Lindsay Lohan was just three and a half years ago? It feels like she's been a part of the pop culture fabric for much longer than that, but LiLo has only been the target of bloggers, paparazzi, and talk show hosts for a few years. From child star to breakthrough actress to troubled teen to reports about the possible end of her career, Lindsay Lohan has done more in less time than it takes most people to finish high school. The pop culture machine has become such a frenzy that it can put you on a pedestal and tear you down before you know what's happened. Lindsay Lohan should be an example for all the aspiring young actresses out there - you can have a whole career's worth of excitement before you're 21 if you're not careful. But that's why we love her. There are very few actresses as consistently riveting as Lindsay Lohan.
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