Jennifer Aniston’s couch therapy to battle her heartbreak

Jennifer Aniston wallpaper
As Jennifer Aniston recovers from her break-up with John Mayer, the actress has revealed how she attends therapy sessions in an effort to get her “head straightened out”.

The 39-year-old stunner admitted that she often found herself in need of counselling with a psychotherapist to help talk through personal issues.

But she insists that seeing a therapist is a completely normal and positive activity for her.

“It’s true that I spent some time regularly taking part in sessions with a psychiatrist,” The Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

“By the way, I find it to be very normal to lie on a couch every once in a while and to let your head be straightened out. And your heart,” she added.

Aniston and Mayer began dating in April and broke up earlier this month.

Sources have claimed that the split has hit Aniston hard but her friends now insist that she didn’t see a future with the 30-year-old singer.


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