Tony Romo Jessica Simpson

Star Magazine has an interesting story about how Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo might be faking their relationship for the sake of an upcoming Super Bowl commercial. Jessica and Tony are said to be in talks with Pizza Hut to star in a big budget Super Bowl commercial together and their whole fauxmance has supposedly been orchestrated by Jessica’s controlling father, Joe, for publicity purposes.
Tony Romo Jessica Simpson
Tony Romo Jessica Simpson 1

This makes a lot of sense considering that Tony Romo is one of the very few suitors of one of his daughters that Joe Simpson approves of. Joe is even said to have set Jessica up with Tony, and although the papers make it out like Tony called Joe up and asked to date his daughter I bet it was the other way around. It doesn’t seem like much of an incentive for Tony to be offered a role in Simpson’s next movie, though.

Jessica seemed to be a bad luck charm for Tony. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback performed his worse game - ever - when she was in the stands in December. That makes it seem as if he has at least some feelings for her. Romo quickly recovered from his slump, and his statistic improve for his next game. He told the press that Jessica was also in the stands that time, but she was never shown on the jumbotron and he wouldn’t say where she was when asked.

Tony Romo Jessica Simpson 2

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Tony Romo Jessica Simpson


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