Paris Hilton Caught Partying with Joel and Benji Madden

Paris Hilton Wallpaper
Paris Hilton Wallpaper
Rocker Benji Madden, (age 29) accompanist and guitarist of the band, Good Charlotte, hinted there was a achievability that him and albino superstar Paris Hilton airing down the isle alone two months afterwards they aboriginal appeared in accessible together, The Sun reported.

Benji Madden said he had consistently accepted Paris Hilton was wife actual and a babe for a austere relationship.

He banned to affirm rumors that he and Paris would become affianced this year, but he appear that they were in the accord best than anybody knew.

Despite his bedrock image, Benji Madden committed a adulation song to his adherent called “Shine Your Light”. Paris was acutely affected by the action and said it was the nicest affFor endure night anniversary of Cinco De Mayo, Paris Hilton had not one, but two Madden brothers to adhere with. The blessed leash was spotted at the Hornitos Tequila Ultimate Cinco De Mayo Experience at Crown Bar in Los Angeles, California.

While Joel Madden and Benji Madden sported their accepted black, white, and blah blush schemes, the “Stars are Blind” accompanist brightened things up a bit with a sleeveless cottony paisley-print dress. Presumably, Nicole Richie (Joel Madden’s GF/Paris’ BFF) was home with her babyish Harlow, although beforehand in the day, she was reportedly spotted arcade at Barney’s New York in Beverly Hills with Joel Madden.air anybody had anytime done for her.


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