Jessica Simpson Hairdo

When Jessica Simpson broke up with husband Nick Lachey, she did what any girl in her position would do: she went out and got herself a new do. The new hair cut has long been the symbol of a new life after a break-up, with thousands of women choosing to wash that man right out of their hair – and maybe try a new style while they’re at it.

While Jessica Simpson’s new shoulder-length bob isn’t a huge departure from her former flowing curls, it does seem to have heralded a new period in her life, one in which she looks just as stunning as ever.
Jessica Simpson Hairdo 1
Jessica Simpson Hairdo
Jessica is as famous for her long, blonde locks as she is for her singing or her movies. With her blonde curls and brown eyes, she’s the quintessential glamour girl - a real life Barbie doll who always seems to look good.

While being blonde is a major part of any Jessica Simpson hair style, you can steal some style tips from her no matter what your hair color. You should begin by making sure your hair is in the best possible condition. Long hair is harder to maintain that short hair: it tends to require more washing and styling, and any dryness or excess oil will look much more obvious the more hair you have.

Jessica Simpson Hairdo 2

The best tip you can steal from Jessica Simpson is to make sure you have your hair trimmed regularly – ideally every six weeks. It seems strange to recommend regular hair cuts when you’re trying to grow your hair long, but this really is the best way to make sure that your hair remains healthy, and it will help it grow quicker, as well. Take a hint from Jessica: since her break-up with Nick, she’s been frequently photographed entering and leaving the home of her hairdresser. That’s not just because Jessica’s hairdresser has become a personal friend – there’s a good reason why you’ll never see Jessica Simpson with split ends or lackluster hair!

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Jessica Simpson Hairdo 5

Jessica Simpson Hairdo 6
Jessica Simpson Hairdo 7

Jessica Simpson Hairdo


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