Kristin Kreuk bio

Kristin Kreuk bio
Kristin Kreuk bio 1
The stunning Kristin Kreuk’'s distinct beauty comes from combined Dutch and Chinese ancestral lines. A Canadian national, she landed her first big role while in high school after she auditioned for a part in the Canadian TV series "Edgemont." Having had little acting experience prior to the audition, Kristin was understandably surprised at having been given the part. While working on "Edgemont," she also landed roles in two mini-series produced by the Hallmark Channel, namely "Snow White: Fairest Of Them All" and "Legend Of Earthsea." She also had a small cameo role in the teen comedy "Eurotrip." However, her most popular role to date is undoubtedly that of Lana Lang, star-crossed childhood sweetheart of a young Clark Kent, in the hit drama "Smallville." So far, this promising young beauty hasn'’t had too much time to take on the silver screen because of her tight filming schedule, though she has expressed eagerness to get in front of a movie camera in the future. For now, however, she’s content to be working with her close friends Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, and Allison Mack on the set of "Smallville."

Kristin Kreuk bio
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Kristin Kreuk bio


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