Britney Spears In The Shower - Britney Spears' shower apology

Britney Spears has apologised to friends and family for her erratic behaviour.

The troubled singer, who was hospitalised in January after refusing to hand back her two sons to ex-husband Kevin Federline, reportedly vowed to get her life back on track in a speech at her sister Jamie Lynn's recent baby shower.

A source said: "Britney was awkward and upset at first at first, but on her mom Lynne's advice she took the initiative and gave a speech about how sorry she felt about her wayward behaviour in recent months.

"She said, 'I'm sorry to have put you through so much. I'm strong deep down and I think the whole thing has made me even stronger. I think now I'm on the right track to being a better mother and a better person, someone you and my boys can be proud of.' "

Britney, who was recently granted more time to see sons Sean Preston and Jayden James, impressed guests at the baby shower with her "healthy and wholesome appearance"

The source added to Closer magazine: "She was beaming and really seemed back to her old self. She and Jamie Lynn were delighted to see each other. They were holding hands, eating cake and enjoying some quality time together."
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