Miley cyrus topless

Miley cyrus topless 1miley cyrus topless
When the Vanessa Hudgens photo scandal hit last year many people piled on the Disney starlet and wondered what she was thinking. The debate hit quickly and many people wondered why she really took the snaps, and if they photos were doctored in any way. The photos were real. Now the same debate has hit with some brand new Miley Cyrus topless photos and it turns out they are real as well. Look out Hannah Montana.

What in the world is going on with the Disney girls? We have blown way past Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears and even Brit's little sister Jamie Lynn Spears (though she is a Nickelodeon TV star, not Disney) and their scandals. Miley Cyrus has now bumped Vanessa Hudgens and the rest aside, and the little fifteen-year-old has her very own photos scandal brewing and it will make the mainstream news cycle and this will be a full on debate.

And as bad as many of the other scandals surround Miley and pictures, this time it isn't the usual racy photos of Miley flashing her bra that were snapped by a friend with a digital camera phone or a small digital camera, this time she will be at the Supermarket check out stand on the front of a magazine cover. The photos are professionally taken.

How bad will this get for Miley? You can surely expect for her parents to be criticized and damage control will soon follow. Miley's scandal is a bit different than the High School musical star Vanessa Hudgens. The Vanessa nude photos (the first link is safe) were meant only for her boyfriend Zac Efron. Somehow, someone snagged the pictures and then sent them out all over the worldwide web.

The first report of the Miley Cyrus nude photos (the first link is safe) was so stunning that Angela Carson believed that it might be a hoax, or just a Photoshop job. This is a nightmare for Miley Cyrus and the Hannah Montana franchise and after all of the other underwear photos, she might be pushing it to the edge way too much.

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