Facts about David Beckham

David proposed to Victoria at Chesire's swanky Rookery Hall Hotel. He gave her a three-plus-carat diamond ring worth $65,000. She did him one better with a three-tiered band of 96 diamonds valued at $80,000.

An experiment at Manchester United showed that he runs an average 8.8 miles per game - more than any other player in the team.

David says that art was his favorite class in elementary school.

Beckham's dream is to have a World Cup winners medal.

David never wished to play for any team other than Manchester United. He has been training with the team since he was fourteen years old. When Beckham trained for Tottenham he wore a Manchester United kit!

When David was 12, he was made Manchester United's team mascot for a game against Ham.

In a television poll held after David's foul against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup, nearly half of respondents said they could not forgive him for his lapse in judgment.

David and Victoria had their third boy, Cruz, in 2005. The couple was stunned when Spanish officials suggested they change the baby's name. In Spain, it's illegal to give a boy a girl's name. David and Victoria refused to take any action.

Among David's endorsement deals are Adidas, Pepsi and Police sunglasses. Published reports estimate that he has made more than $20 million from his interests outside of soccer.
Facts about David Beckham
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