Nikki Finke Biography and Photos
Nikki Finke Biography and Photos
Nikki Jean Finke (born 1953) is a American journalist and blogger who writes a Hollywood and media business column for LA Weekly and owns, edits, and publishes the blog Deadline Hollywood Daily, (DHD) containing original content consisting of her reporting. Finke also typically writes |commentary and criticisms about the entertainment industry, business, American politics, and culture. Her writing style has been described as "in your face", which has made Finke the subject of some controversy but also plaudits

Finke grew up in New York. She graduated from Wellesley College. She worked in Washington D.C. for New York congressman Ed Koch, but Finke soon left to work for the Associated Press in Baltimore and Boston and the Foreign Desk in NYC headquarters.

Finke had a 14-year relationship with Jeffrey W. Greenberg, getting engaged in 1974 and married in 1980. They divorced in 1982.

Finke was an Associated Press foreign correspondent in Moscow and London. She later worked for The Dallas Morning News. She joined the staff of Newsweek (as a correspondent in Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles), then at the Los Angeles Times as a staff writer covering entertainment and features. She became West Coast Editor for the New York Observer and then New York Magazine where she penned Hollywood business columns. Finke has also written for: The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, The Washington Post,, Premiere, and Los Angeles magazine. She appears occasionally on radio and television commenting about the entertainment and media business and is a regular on Dennis Miller's radio show.

Finke began writing her LA Weekly column in June 2002. Finke began DHD in March 2006 and describes it as her "forum to break news about the infotainment industry."

In 2007, Finke won the Los Angeles Press Club's Southern California Journalism Award for "Entertainment Journalist of the Year" with the judges commenting: "Reading Nikki Finke’s salaciously candid coverage of Hollywood and its inhabitants almost feels like a guilty pleasure. She mixes the news with fearless finger-wagging that’s just fun to read no matter the subject. She tackles the industry monoliths without the kiddy gloves and she seems to have command of the beat." In 2006, Finke's "Deadline Hollywood" columns in LA Weekly won First Place in the Alternative Weekly Awards for the category Media Reporting/Criticism, Circulation >50,000. In the 2007 AltWeekly Awards, her blog "Deadline Hollywood Daily" won Second Place.

Finke's Deadline Hollywood Daily is an online version of her newspaper column. It also became a key information portal during the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike. "Finke’s Web site has become a critical forum for Hollywood," The New York Times wrote. "But it has been the screenwriters’ strike that may have finally solidified her position as a Hollywood power broker."


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