Brad Pitt Smoking - Weed With Steve-O?

Star Magazine is all over Brad Pitt right now. They're claiming that "a source" (insert eye roll here) spotted Pitt smoking a joint with Steve-O (of Jackass fame). They also make Angelina sounds like a total ogre to live with:

“He still smokes,” another insider tells Star “He sneaks cigs behind Angie’s back.” At the Cannes Film Festival in May, “He stayed outside, smoking and drinking,” says a witness. “He looked stressed, like he was trying to get his fill because he had a limited time to enjoy his cigarettes.”
Brad Pitt Smoking 1
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But cigarettes aren’t the only smokes that Brad has enjoyed. A source tells Star he spotted Brad smoking what looked like a joint with Jackass wild man Steve-O on a hot L.A. afternoon. “I couldn’t believe that someone as famous as Brad Pitt would be smoking openly,” the witness says. “But there he was, lighting up a fattie with Steve-O. I was stunned!”

Angie would have been, too. “She doesn’t think Brad should smoke pot or anything else,” an insider tells Star. “She wishes he’d drop all that. A drink once in a while is OK. But that’s it.”

Brad Pitt Smoking 2

Brad Pitt Smoking 3
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Brad Pitt smoking


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