Lindsay Lohan’s Family To Star In A Reality Show

lindsay lohan family
Lindsay Lohan’s Family

Lindsay Lohan’s family has signed up to star in their own reality TV show. The Osbournes-style program will mainly feature Dina Lohan and her singer/actress daughter Ali, but Lindsay will be making a few cameo appearances. Filming for the series, which will be shown on E!, is set to begin on Oct 30th in New York. Worst idea ever! Why is “Dina the Enabler” getting her own show?! That’s just so wrong. Her daughter Ali is headed down the “Lindsay path” by being on this show. Somebody take care of Ali and stop this show! Man it?s a cruse to have something successful in this country, once you have a hit show because one celeb has pulled off some trick to grab viewer?s attention all of Hollywood wants to jump onto the same band wagon and show off their dirt in public by posing as saints. Even the likes of Snoopy Dog and Victoria Beckham did their own reality shows and we have never seen it or heard what happened to those shows.
Lindsay Lohan’s Family


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