Hannah Montana Biography

Hannah Montana Biography 1
Hannah Montana Biography
Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, her sunny personality soon changed her name to Miley at home. Her father, country star and actor Billy Ray Cyrus, nicknamed her "Miley" because she is "always full of smiles". Now every Disney Channel lover knows her as Miley Cyrus, the star of Disney's newest original show: Hannah Montana, where Miley plays a regular girl called Miley Stewart who has a secret double life as the biggest singing superstar of tv.

It took a lot to this 13-year-old to earn the role of Disney's new tv queen. "All this hard work I've done my entire life is about to pay off," she says. She isn't recalling only the audition callback which started with 1000 girls, but the dedication she's put into singing and acting for years. Daughter of a counrty star who crossed over tv, Miley has been taking parts as extras in her Dad's shows since forever, and most recently was cast for an episodes in his drama series "Doc", aswell as tge role of Ruthie in "Big Fish" at age eight.

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Singing and playing the guitar have been a huge part of her life too. She assures she has written over 100 songs already. In fact, one of them will be featured in Hannah Montana. She is now recording one new song per episode so that will make over 20 songs by the end of the season, however, no soundtrack has been confirmed yet. When asked about the soundtrack, Miley stated by now the goal is making the best show possible plus there will be a Hannah Montana soundtrack over the summer, "or a Miley Cyrus album" she added. Soundtrack or not, Miley Cyrus will certainly be releasing an album sooner or later. She is signed with Hollywood Records for a four-album record deal.

Gary Marsh, Disney Channel entertainment president said they chose Miley for the role of Hannah Montana because they saw a girl who has this natural ebullience and loves every minute of her life, which shows in her demeanor and performance.

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When she's not performing, Miley enjoys the company of her five siblings, Christopher, Braison Chance, Brandi, Trace and Noah Lindsey, and her dog Loco who lives with them in Los Angeles. The rest of her dogs, cats, horses, chickens and cows had to stay at their Nashville, Tennessee home when they moved to LA last December 2005 to start the filming. Miley had to say goodbye to her whole-life friends, so her new lifestyle also includes long hours on the phone plus the LA need: shopping. "I'm a big shoe person. Sometimes I'll be punky, the next day I'll be preppy. Every day after work, my mom and I go shopping. My dad is about to kill me. I say, 'We need it, daddy!'"

Her hobbies include her job: dancing, cheerleading, singing, playing the guitar and writing music. She states, "As soon as I step on that stage, nothing matters. I don't think of it as work. It's just so much fun."

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Hannah Montana Biography


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